The last year brought a series of changes to my life, including moving to Japan and quitting my regular office job in Germany to become a full-time freelance translator, proofreader and writer.

I loved books even before I could read and until this day my feelings for the written word have not faltered. If anything, they are stronger than ever.
We live in a time, that has made it fairly easy to self-publish a book or even a whole series of books. How amazing to think that your own words could reach thousands of people, not only in your home country, but all around the world. I am a big fan of indie authors and I honestly believe, that there is great potential that only waits to be discovered.

But having the creativity and heart to write a book that brings joy to readers worldwide unfortunately is not everything you need to make your book available around the globe.
Something that makes me usually very sad is the review section on platforms like Amazon. Books are being published without a proper proofread or editing and the resulting mistakes become the focus point rather than the engaging plot. The same goes for translations that are made in a haste and are a word for word translation without any heart but lots of typos.

It is true, that quality has its price, but especially for indie authors the price is often impossibly high and thus not feasible. That’s where I come in!

If you wrote a great book, I want to make sure, that it is flawless and just as great in German – but for an affordable price.


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