My main focus is literary translation for the language pair English-German to help Indie Writers broadening their audience. If you are interested in any other projects, please contact me at and I will send you a quote.

The guideline rate for indie writer novels from English to German is 0,05 $/word. Please contact me with more information about your project and I will send you an offer.
If you are interested in a royalty based model instead, we could discuss this as well.

Get a free 1000 word sample for books and a free 250 word sample for website content or documents before you decide!
All Translations include a thorough proofread and (if you want) comments about how you might be able to improve writing and storyline.

Proofreading and Editing
Some might think it tedious, but in my opinion proofreading and editing can make or break a book. Your characters might be engaging and the story gripping till the last page, but many readers can not enjoy it when they find obvious mistakes on every page.

While proofreading gets rid of minor mistakes in spelling, punctuation, spacing and such, to give your book a final polish, it does not include a more in-depth editing of your work.
More substantial forms of editing are Copyediting and Line Editing.

Copyediting not only corrects minor mistakes like spelling and punctuation, but also grammar, capitalization of words, problems with the syntax, quotation, format, consistency and many other little things that make your book ready to publish.

Substantial Line Editing goes yet a step further and, next to everything a simple Copyediting entails, can include editing sentences to enhance the flow, getting rid of repetition or unfortunate wording, or even rewriting of passages to improve the flow of the storyline. For this form of editing I will use the track changes and comment function in Word, so you can decide for yourself what to keep or consider.

Since the amount of work required for Proofreading, Copyediting and Line Editing varies widely depending on the source, please send a sample file and I will return a detailed offer.

Though my services are very affordable I put my heart in every project and will always be ready to go the extra mile, because I want your book to be successful in German(y).
Request a sample proofread/edit to decide if I am the right fit for you.

Regardless if you want to proofread, edit or translate your book, seeing the work upfront will help me to give you a better estimate not only on the prize, but also on how long it will take me.
Drop me a line through the “Contact” form or just write me at
Please note, that I only accept payment per PayPal for the time being.